Website Design

Are you in search of a better platform to feature your business?

Always, a website is not only for featuring, a proper website can nurture your business. Yes, it is proven. The best website designing company in Bangalore, Zinetgo knows what you want and how it needs to be delivered. We know to mould and make the best lightweight and faster responsive websites, that's why Zinetgo always be the best in website designing companies. Zinetgo always endeavouring to keep our promise to you.

A website is the most reachable platform where we can share our works, profile, etc. Alternatively, it's the best showcase to exhibit and demonstrate what we are. Designing is the action of gathering the imaginations and concepts. Artistically organizing and realizing them for various purposes. Allied to designing, website designing is the creation of a base platform which is meant of presenting content on digital web pages in which the end user can reach to the web page by using the web browser as a medium.

What Is A Website?

In simple words, Website is the junction where several web pages located so, it acts as a Hub. A homepage is the main source of the stream to many sub web pages. In more detailed, if you visit (homepage), You can see the links to products, services, blogs, webpage, etc. The web pages have a hub on the main homepage. A homepage is a window for the end user to step into your digi-world. Whatever your business or profession, you can use a website to showcase your work.

What Are The Types Of Websites?

  • Informational website
  • E-commerce website
  • Photo Sharing Website
  • Blogs
  • Community Building Websites
  • Dating website
  • Etc.

Necessities To Host A Website?

Hosting a website consumes several technical facts. Designing a website is not just a play of coding. Through Zinetgo, you can absolutely expect an artistic way of approach to your website, that is engaging and lightweight. In a website creation, certain involvements of elements needed to be done to host it. i.e:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting Server
  • Content
  • Promotion

Domain name: It is the recognition cord that shows the dimension of regulatory liberty. i.e:

  • .com, .in, .org, .gov,, .net, etc.

Hosting server: The storage medium where our Data of websites are kept. The hosted images, videos, content etc are stored on this server, also it had a backup. Just like the memory card on your mobile does.

Website Content: The elements which we have used for weaving the website is known as the content, i.e:

  • Logo
  • Comment Box
  • Promotion links
  • Pages
    • Home
    • Services
    • Products
    • Blogs
    • About us
    • Contact us
    • Login

Promotion: Increases the number of persons to know your company and its products, promotion links to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even through other websites.

Why Your Business Need A Website?

Like Bill Gates once said, " If your business is not on the Internet, Then your Business will be out of Business". According to modern marketing trends, People prefers to satisfy their shopping and commercial needs by sitting in their own home or where they are. They want everything to be handy, That's why many online portals have settled in a better platform. Gradually the brick-mortar will be get vanished as per today's situation. By considering and conceiving this fact in mind, Bangalore's best website designing company Zinetgo had stepped up their feet to the "Digital India".

Go Online, Grow Online

Now you have a clear vision of what is website designing, And it's your turn to choose the best website designing company. Let's go online and grow online with and Get ready to gain a Hike on your business turnover.

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