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Vijay Home Services was doing good business offline and with aggregators. They wanted to establish their own online presence and build their own brand. They had a website hosted with some other vendor which was not going well with them, that is when they came to us. They were struggling to figure out the right mix of technology application for their business and they were looking for technical consulting.

Project Goals
  1. Build a strong online presence

  2. Build a channel to get online leads

  3. Manage customer relationship with proper data management

  4. Provide customers with pricing and other useful information

  5. To be visible in google search result pages

Our Solution

After spending some initial time with their team we were able to figure out the loopholes in the existing system and their expectations as a whole. As per their market position, we suggested them a few options like a website revamp, complete CRM solution, process enhancements, customer reviews and online marketing plan. They agreed to go with a new website for which we suggested them a neat UX design with a bold and vibrant color theme. Along with the website we have also integrated email and SMS notifications as part of booking confirmation. We have also provided them with a responsive and SEO friendly website.


It tooks us some time to design their website and some more to develop it. The website has come up so well that they liked and appreciated it. Not only that, now their customers are able to trust them based on the quality of their website. Alongside, we also did SEO optimization and now they rank fairly well for the targeted keywords. In the future we want to make sure that they will appear in the first page of the search results.

Zinetgo provides all the digital solutions that a small and medium businesses needs under one roof. I will recommend all kind of business people to come to this platform and grow their business online.

Pankaj Choudhary Founder

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