SK Deep Cleaning Website

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  • Client: SK Deep Cleaning
  • What we did: Website development, UX design, Website Hosting, Online Marketing


This was a startup back then with a simple idea of providing home services with a very little knowledge of the industry. Their expecation from us was initially to help them with a website. It was a lot of work on our side to give them the right direction and set the business for them. Even we were not very sure how much a website will be able to help them get started with a business.

Project Goals

  • Build online presence
  • To be picked as a vendor by online aggregators
  • Get online enquiries
  • Manage customer data
  • Provide pricing information

Our Solution

We deisgned a website for them to be appealing to customers and establish a strong online presence. We helped them to register their brand with the help of some creative agencies to book SK Deep Cleaning. Also guided them to the right company for incorporation. We provided them with both online and offline marketing (SMS, Social Media, Email) marketing campaigns.


They are now getting a lot of jobs that they not even able to follow through. Their website is helping them a lot build credibility in fromt of online aggragators and customers. Now customers have 24/7 access to the services they provide and they can book them from their own convenience.

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Zinetgo is one of the best platform for startups to go online. They provide end to end solution. We got our business up and running within a month and now we are getting leads more than we can actually serve.

Suman Kumar