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Initially they didn't knew what they really want. It took us some time to get to understand their industry, business and kind of services they provide. They have tried building a website in their own which have wasted a lot of their time. When they approached us they wanted it as soon as possible. The turnaround time for us was very less.

Project Goals
  1. Build a strong online presence

  2. Build a channel to get online leads

  3. Manage customer relationship with proper data management

  4. To be visible in google search result pages

Our Solution

We were able to design a solution as per their requirement to server their global market. Based on their requirement we proposed them a few designs and finally they agreed with one and that is what we carried to build the build the website with. Along with the website we have also integrated email notifications as part of booking confirmation. We have also provided them a responsive and SEO friendly website.


They liked the overall design of the website and they were very impressed with kind of colors we have chosen. The overall site architecture is good and easy to navigate through. Currently we are working with them on SEO related changes.

Zinetgo provides all the digital solutions that a small and medium businesses needs under one roof. I will recommend all kind of business people to come to this platform and grow their business online.
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