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They used to have an informative website before but it was not upto the mark. Along with that they needed a way to manage their daily sales, purchases and customer relations. Most importantly they have had a very bad experience with previous website and marketing vendors they have worked with and as a result it was even more difficult to make them understand a few things.

Project Goals
  1. Manage daily sales and purchases

  2. Build online presence

  3. Manage customer database

  4. Provide information about the products and services they offer

  5. Campaign management across different channels

Our Solution

It all started with a casual talk in the 'D hangout' when we first interacted. After that, next week we met and discussed the requiremnts and proposed our CRM for their sales, purchases and customer data management. Within a few days they onboarded our CRM product. Following that we have designed a website layout and gave a demo which they liked and we went on to deliver a nice website which is rensive and user friendly. Now we are working with them on marketing this website and improving their social presence.


They are extremely happy with the kind of work we are doing. Their website is getting very positive reviews from peers and collegues. Also, their website is now ranked well in search engines. Customers are now well aware of "Curtains N More". All their customer database is upto date and they are able to reach them regularly with Zinetgo Marketing Plan.

Zinetgo is one company, I would definitely recommend to all my bussiness allies to at least try once and get the experience of Zinetgo's incredible products and services. Then you will realize the difference they have from the rest.

Pradeep Agrawal Founder

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