You Have Launched Your New Website. What Next..

You have launched your new website, so what next?. Having a website for your own business is worth value to grow higher. Once you have it, you are all set to shoot ahead in your journey. Utilising it accordingly is required to spread your wings over the wind. When your site is visible to the world and ready to be your online marketing machine, you have to follow certain criteria and cyber mantras. In this blog, the best web designing company in Bangalore, Zinetgo let you educate about the social techniques that you can simply follow without any expenses and thereby letting you capable of grow over the digital sky. 

But what next?

Sharing your new site with everyone is essential to kick off its life and begin the task of having it found in Google searches.

Below are all the places to share your site to let your customers and networks know all about it.


Give your website an exponential kick start in the world's most popular social platform. Integrating your website on Facebook is an easy and free prospect to implement a social dimension with the rest of your business activities.  All you should need to do is simply copy the URL of your new website and paste it on your new Facebook post. Doing this will let the Facebook auto-generate a portrait about your website, and whenever your follower shows an interest of engagement, this arch-window acts as a back-link and redirect them straight over to your website.

If your website is a proud creation of most popular and the best web designing company, Zinetgo, then don't forget to tag your post (@zinetgo), this will help you to earn more likes, comments and shares. Always remember to be in touch with us to maintain a proper future prospect.


Never ever feel awkward to brandish your website and thereby giving a perfect exposure ere of the audience or the users. Make your business profile more interactively engaged by uploading images regarding your astonishing moments, enchanting vibes, alluring customer responses that ditto a call to action. If you would love to create a huge reach to your posts and by that to generate greater engagements, tag us in your post, if you like to, @zinetgonline.

It is important to remember to add the link to your new website on your Instagram page, and on relevant posts, this will help your SEO.


Another multi-spectacular face same as facebook. LinkedIn is definitely a stunning platform to splash out your dazzling website and your business before your clients and competitors as well as other experts. The establishing methods in Facebook and LinkedIn are almost similar, here, all you need to do is to copy your URL and paste it along with your new LinkedIn post. It's really interesting to read your personal perspective about having a website, what drives you to have a website and moreover how you get purpose from your website, it's better to acknowledge all these briefs in a personally written blog and posting it on LinkedIn and Facebook probably reflects an equally effective on its reaction gain.


Glittering platform to exhibit how your site, as well as your business, is growing. You can image your URL to the "what's happening text area" and the twitter will replicate a link to your website. Things will go further effective depending on the visual strategy incorporate in framing your page like an animation or a gif will call the audience for a second scroll. Let's grow together compassionately, mention @zinetgo in your tweets to let your followers all know about us.

Congratulations on your new website! We look forward to seeing your business grow.

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