Instagram Is Changing E-commerce Marketing Terms. Do You Know How

Till 2018, Instagram is a platform used by 1 billion users, a number that keeps rising sharply each day. Great social media strategies need continuous follower growth, engagement, and actions. And Instagram just might be your best opportunity for achieving this quickly.  A massive audience that has become a huge potential in terms of marketing and, indeed, eCommerce strategies. SEO should always be an important part of your online marketing strategy. The platform is now one of the most powerful advertising channel and has more than 25 million business profiles with 200 million visitors of those business pages at least once a day, meaning you’re likely to sell more easily there as this all happens.

Do Instagram really transforming the ecommerce marketing the way we knew it?

There are 5 reasons why the answer is yes:

Instagram is creating a new shopping app


Users are using the platform more and more every day to buy and share, rather than just posting images.Instagram shopping tags will now make it possible for users to breeze through their own custom-curated Explore sections. Instagram is evolving towards an all rounded shopping experience and a new dedicated shopping app is rumoured to be launched soon, aiming at facilitating the buying experience. TThat means companies who know how to manage product tagging on Instagram and create high-engaging posts will have no trouble connecting with Instagram’s young audience.but will also convert into less number of clicks and redirects for a customer. Which, inherently, would higher the conversions creating opportunities for brands to increase their performances.

The Explore Tab. world of possibilities

One of the main advantage of Instagram’s layout is the explore tab, which is an opportunity to reach an audience automatically targeted to your content proposal and displaying them one of your photos. you can find the Explore feature by going to the magnifying glass. Doing so will direct you to a page full of suggested Instagram posts based on your established interests. An amazing organic tool to drive traffic on your Instagram page, as it is naturally targeted but also displaying some of your photos, which might resonate to the audience. Landing your product on the Instagram Shopping Channel is going to be a hot ticket.

Best Engagements, Best Business


Instagram has one of the highest rate of engagement at the moment.With Instagram shopping tags set to dominate the social media headlines, there’s never been a better time to review some best practices for creating shoppable posts. Indeed users are much more subject to engage with your brand there than in any other social media platform, and the particularity of Instagram is its emphasis on exchange: not only pictures or images get promoted, but advices, stories, experiences of any kind. Instagram remains a visual platform. Make sure that you not only show your products in action, but that you routinely browse your hashtags to get a sense of which visuals are more likely to stand out. Everything can convert into the main advertising edge. While this post is being written, Instagram has 58x more engagement than Facebook which is gigantic in terms of potential returns. Less competition, a more engaged audience and an enormous increase in organic reach. The verdict is clear: shifting your marketing efforts to Instagram is a smart move.

Powerfull Hashtags

Hashtags maximise your reach and spread your brand through search terms, as its search engine has a nearly unlimited potential.  Instagram makes for an ideal online catalog. A catalog never just pushes one product. Tagging multiple products on Instagram can offer more opportunities for interested customers who click on the option to view more products. The straightforward style of the Instagram hashtags is an opportunity for the small business which rely on a direct eCommerce approach, as users looking for a particular content can type with the hashtag their request and find a lot of targeted posts related to their topic. It possible to view your individual success post-by-post, giving you a sense of which hashtags and segments tend to create the most engagement for your content.

The Social Community

Instagram customers are happy to engage with brands like yours. In fact, they’re looking for similar content. Last but not least, Instagram is growing as a business community, replacing Facebook crowded news feed. Content – and approach to content – is open to freedom, which set up a much distinct experience in terms of usability and brand awareness. It's short of amazing that this still needs to be repeated, even after a decade of social media marketing advances and information.

Your audience needs to enjoy seeing your posts and without a sales pitch The key for eCommerce is to identify what would your audience like to have and what they would like to see: set your goals, understand your best target’s habits, go straight to grow your strategies.

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