4 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is A Total Powerhouse

It's not so conventional strategy that e-mail marketing everytime holds it's prime place in the top of marketing. The responsive reason for that is its reach and acceptance. We all have that specific box in our smartphone and other devices called email. The superior and non-premium users accept the email and take a well look on it. In India it is noted to most of the people are daily observers of email, and top of it the It hub Bangaloreans especially. Zinetgo, The Best Digital Marketing Company In Bangalore are taking well and proper Execution in making the email marketing strategies.

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in any marketer’s arsenal. It has a proven level of ROI and is extremely effective for audience engagement that inspires action.

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People are essentially addicted to email with billions of emails sent and received every day. If there was one form of communication that is inherent to the daily interactions of countless businesses, email is that golden child. It is quick, efficient, and it is always there to deliver your message in a clear and compelling manner.

However, what is it that makes email marketing so effective? Why do we love to communicate via email and why has it risen to the top as one of the best marketing strategies? 

We know that we love email and that it has been proven to be extremely effective for marketing, but the question is – why? Here are 4 reasons that demonstrate why email marketing is a total powerhouse

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Massive Potential For Audience Engagement

Think about it – do you know a single person who doesn’t have at least one email address? Probably not. Email has become an inherent aspect of online activity. If you use the Internet, you probably have an email address. The proof is in the numbers.

With over 4.9 billion email addresses registered in 2017, it is hard to believe that email isn’t the best form of communication. This sort of figure might be surprising to some people, but think about it, how many times do you register your email address online?

With the sheer quantity of email addresses, your potential customer pool is massive.

Successful Communication

Email marketing is a great way to deliver messages because they are almost always delivered and they remain in an inbox until they are read or deleted. There are no missed phone calls with emails.

90% of all emails sent are successfully delivered to the customer’s inbox. So even if you have a small contact list with 1000 people on it, you know that at least 900 potential customers have the choice to view your email, The average open rate as of 2016 was 25%, that means that at least 225 customers will be exposed to your products/services.”

Consistent Sales Conversions

Email marketing is an extremely effective way of making a direct appeal to your prospects. It gives you the opportunity to clearly lay out information and your request in a way that is non-confrontational.

It provides them with the direct information to act upon if it is appealing. This also makes it easier to track conversion as email marketing is a great way to drive traffic, via CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons, to your website,. You can then use your analytics and reports to discover who is interested in your products/services.

With a direct appeal and careful analytics, you can adapt your strategies until email marketing becomes the most powerful sales tool that you have.

Popular Method Of Contact

People love to use email because they can check it when they are ready and it doesn’t require an immediate response. The effectiveness and value of an email rarely depreciate over time, which means that it will continue to work no matter when it is opened. This is perfect for people who have busy days and are constantly multi-tasking in order to reach their objectives.

“Research even suggests that 72% of adults prefer to be contacted by via email,” Hands identifies. So whn you comes to a decision to run a email marketing campaign for your Business, Dont Hesitate to get in touch with Zinetgo, The leader in Digital Marketing.

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